23 februari 2018

Debru is looking for new colleagues

Debru has multiple job opportunities available for both internal and field staff. For employees who are ready to take on more responsibility and independence in...

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10 december 2018

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29 november 2018

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15 november 2018

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Press Release: Unique stabiliser plate solution

Debru Hoogwerk BV is under constant development. The ambition of the three driven owners makes for an ever improving business. In process as well as capacity. The motivation? To always have the right answers, tailored to the needs of the client. These clients are to be found in the (petrochemical) industry, infrastructure, construction, energy and telecommunications. They are treated through a whole array of services: project planning, preparations for the job at hand, project management and the conscious fulfillment of the VCA-P safety regulations.

In the branche in which Debru is active, an important focus is directed towards time. Whether it is about a disturbance in a transmission mast or a complete shut-down of a factory: Debru takes charge in making the relevant spots accessible when necessary. Here, one of Debru’s qualities is that the lorries with the lifting platform as well as the operator are always on time. A factor that became more and more important in the past 20 years in relation to ‘time’ is efficiency in planning.

The wish to fulfill tasks even more efficiently lead to innovation: a unique solution regarding stabiliser plates emerged, with a crane that is mounted to the lifiting platform and a mean to transport the plates. The technical services of the company got their heads together to engineer a new solution. Then, in collaboration with various providers, a unique stabiliser plate solution was created. This way, perfectly arranged  lorry-based lifting platforms where the operator can – without further assistance – stabilise the lorry optimally in one step. During the course of his task, the operator lowers, stabilises and goes through te LMRA-checklist before bringing the platform to the desired height. The pressure exerted to the ground is kept below 10 tonnes per square meter.

Further information, Photos and video: unique stabiliser plate solution

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