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4 juni 2019

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Project: Installation of satellite dishes

Debru is always working on development, constantly striving to improve. Our motivation? Finding the right solutions to our clients’ problems every time. These clients come from the petrochemical industry and the infrastructure, construction, energy and telecom sectors. We provide them with a comprehensive set of services: project planning, work preparation, project management and accurate implementation based on a VCA-P safety level.

Comprehensive solutions

In those sectors in which Debru is most active, flexibility is always an important consideration. Whether the situation involves a malfunctioning transmission mast or a factory shut-down, Debru takes the lead in making job sites accessible. One of Debru’s strengths here is that we always offer a comprehensive solution. Our solution takes into account an optimum planning for the client as well as the most effective and safest implementation of the project.


In this specific case, the client’s operational process had little to no room for disruptions due to the work. Moreover, Debru was fully responsible for the planning, management and implementation of the project. Making the job site accessible at height doesn’t always call for the use of an AWP, as was the case here. We opted for a climbing team and an installation to hoist the equipment.

Project planning and management

Prior to implementation, the project was prepared to the last detail. We defined the project stages, working out hoisting calculations, schedules and more. Then we determined the lay-out of the job site and selected the equipment.

The preparatory team installed everything on site according to the approved action plan.

Successful implementation

Based on the perfect project preparation, the climbing team was able to deliver the project within the specified time. The climbers mounted several satellite dishes and were also responsible for hoisting the required equipment. The work was done primarily at night in order to impact the client’s daily routine as little as possible. Furthermore, the job was completed under a very tight schedule.

We look back on a successful implementation!

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