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Fall protection: a guaranteed back-up plan for when things go wrong

Safety requirements make fall protection mandatory wherever there is a risk of falling. This is naturally the case when working at height. As a general rule, a risk of falling on job sites exists where a danger exists of falls of over 2.5 metres. That’s when the hazard of possible fatal consequences to falling increases. However, appropriate measures are also necessary at heights under 2.5 metres, if the possibility exists that workers could fall onto projections or into traffic, for example.


As part of the on-boarding process, operators at Debru receive extensive training in when and how to use their fall protection. Additionally, we practise using the emergency descent system annually. The functioning of the emergency descent system is also explained to any client employees riding along in the safety cage.


In the safety cage, operators and technicians must be secured by a safety line at all times. This applies to equipment as well. That way, equipment is prevented from falling out of the safety cage. Working over water forms an exception to this rule. This is the only time when fall protection is not mandatory, up until the moment when the safety cage is back above the ground.


Fall protection equipment is subject to annual inspections. These are performed by an external company with an experienced inspector.

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