23 februari 2018

Debru is looking for new colleagues

Debru has multiple job opportunities available for both internal and field staff. For employees who are ready to take on more responsibility and independence in...

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10 december 2018

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29 november 2018

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15 november 2018

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Petrochemistry & Industry

As a VCA Petrochemical certified lessor, Debru endorses the importance of up-to-date knowledge and strict method of operation with respect to safety. Thanks to the right preparation and safety measures, the Debru machine operators are in control at the work site. That includes drawing up and following a clear specific accessibility plan, a complete task-risk-analysis and a last minute risk analysis (LMRA).

Construction and Infrastructure

Flexibility, efficiency in cost and reliable delivery are the components required to realise a successful project in cooperation with all construction partners. Debru is the ambitious team player in this and provides all-round service in quickly making complex sites accessible by means of horizontal and vertical transport. Debru provides the solution using the right vehicle-mounted hydraulic work platforms whether the situation involves a work site at height or a long horizontal distance.


Thanks to our short breakdown service response times, Debru is the right party for the telecommunications industry. In addition, our experience enables us to gain proper insight into the network, the specific work site requirements and how we can optimally support the mechanics.

If so desired, Debru coordinates construction of masts and antennas. Our vehicle-mounted hydraulic work platforms provide solutions that can be realised quickly for installation and maintenance of cables and antennas.

Extreme Heights

Debru is a reputable, internationally operating partner with insight into the requisite documents and relevant safety requirements for installation projects at heights up to 300 metres. The Debru team can take the entire project off your hands for installation of materials at great height such as dishes and antennas. From the accessibility plan and installation to transport of material, including all documentation.

Wind energy

Making wind turbines accessible for maintenance demands the requisite basic requirements from the machine operator, hydraulic work platform and equipment. To make wind turbines safely and efficiently accessible, Debru works with a hydraulic work platform planning for each work site, while taking into account possible permits and cordoning off the work site. The base is the determining factor for safety in this: An extra solid prop solution makes every wind farm in the European market safely and quickly accessible.

High voltage

Debru is an experienced party in the specialist high-voltage market. We are all-round in making power pylons accessible. Our team knows the variables and specific requirements of the sector as no other and takes these into account in the project organisation and project implementation.

Staff members and equipment meet the strictest requirements in the area of safety and optimum project implementation. The Debru team implements the entire project from project planning to documentation.