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100-metre hydraulic work platform

Read more about the 100-metre hydraulic work platform here.

Debru selects a vehicle-mounted hydraulic work platform for each project based on the reach, technical specifications and the availability of the hydraulic work platform when you require it.

All types of the hydraulic work platforms in our fleet are suitable for making difficult to reach places accessible. Debru uses vehicle-mounted hydraulic work platforms to move equipment, mechanic as well as the machine operator assisting to the desired work site in one operation.

A challenge in height or range; Debru makes work sites accessible safely and cost-efficiently. Scroll down for an explanation of the technical specifications of our hydraulic work platforms and the download of the information sheet for this 100-metre hydraulic work platform.

Technical specifications

The technical characteristics of a hydraulic work platform are determined by the work height, range and the range of the work platform. These factors determine the suitability of the hydraulic work platform for reaching the work site.

Possible impact on the work platform is related to being able to implement the work required. The work platform is equipped more or less the same way for every hydraulic work platform. The oversize 4.00 metre work platform also has a power outlet for a high-pressure cleaner.

Numerous measures have been taken with safety in mind. Before the work is started, the machine operator ensures a safe prop solution is in place. Debru hydraulic work platforms can be safely propped at compact, difficult to reach places (sometimes even underneath the hydraulic work platform). Of course the machine operator gives the mechanic instructions when work is started and assists the mechanic with advice and with implementing the work.

Working height
102.5 mtr
Inheritance taks
600 kg
Lateral outreach
max. 38 mtr
Swivel range
360 gr.
Stamp width
8 mtr
Rotation range treating tank
2 x 90 gr.